Chapter 660

Soon, a staff member from the front desk brought him a spare laptop. After Nolan sent him out, he opened up the laptop and searched for the same thing on Google. As he expected, he was able to get a lot more information from other laptops! He clicked into one of the search results with the title “Is Mr. Goldmann's wife dead?” and sucked in a sharp breath. He looked at the word “accident,” and he did not know if he should click into it or not. When Quincy passed by the front desk, a receptionist told him that Nolan had asked for a laptop from them. The staff member seemed puzzled as he asked, “Isn't there a computer in Mr. Goldmann's office?” Quincy suddenly remembered something and rushed back to Nolan’s office. He pushed the door open. “Mr. Goldmann!” However, there was no one in the office, and the laptop on the desk remained open. Quincy walked up to the laptop, and his heart skipped a beat. It seemed to him that Nolan had not given up on investigating everything that had happe

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