Chapter 66

Quincy felt sorry for Willow’s low IQ. She had come over, volunteered her help, and revealed that she knew that the children were kidnapped. Wouldn’t that show that she was admitting that she was linked to this case? Nolan’s gaze turned cold. “Who are they to you?” “I—” “Do you know their mother?” Willow’s expression changed. No, how could she forget that Nolan hadn’t found out about this? “Nolan, I… I heard people talking about it.” “Who was talking about it?” Nolan didn’t hide his impatience. Willow shivered, her face slowly turned pale. “Nolan, do you think I did this? You know me pretty well. I wouldn’t do this!” Yes, he used to think that she was demure and soft, that she wouldn’t do anything that was out of line. However, he still didn’t know the true nature this woman hid behind her mask after six years by his side. How cruel did one have to be to hurt children? “You shouldn’t come here anymore.” Willow froze, unable to believe it. “Nolan, you’re throwing me out?”

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