Chapter 670

Was the video not saved on the computer? Katrina quickly ended the call and recollected her emotions before walking back to her seat and sitting down. “I’m really glad that you would help me, but I’m guessing you have a reason for coming over?” Maisie’s hand that was holding the teacup shook, and she didn’t take a sip. She looked at Katrina. “What do you mean?” Katrina stared straight into Maisie's eyes. “I saw the news today that you’re Mr. Goldmann’s wife. Even if you’ve completed the ring, why would you have to come over personally?” She picked up the teapot and poured a cup for herself. “I’m guessing there’s something else, right?” Maisie, who was worried at first, relaxed after hearing her say that. She suddenly smiled. “I’m indeed Nolan’s wife, but I’m just the owner and designer in the company. I would personally deliver my creations even if it were to someone else.” Katrina looked at her. “Do you know who I am then?” Maisie didn’t hesitate. “I know that you’re my client.

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