Chapter 679

Ryleigh quickly got up with her coat, ran toward the car, opened the door, got into the front passenger seat, and fastened her seat belt. “Helios, that’s very kind of you! I just knew that you wouldn’t leave me!” She then turned around to take a look at the man who was sitting in the driver’s seat, and her smiling face stiffened in an instant. “Why is it you?” She looked back at the empty back seat, and no one was there. Louis smelled the strong, alcoholic odor that originated from her body, and his expression remained unchanged as he lowered the car window. “Your cousin doesn’t have the time to take care of you.” “I… Did Helios ask you to come?” Ryleigh was astonished. She then thought of why Helios would agree so readily when she called earlier. ‘He agreed to it without planning to come in person all along! What a cousin! Louis did not say anything. “I’d better call my father to open the door for me.” Ryleigh unfastened her seat belt and was about to open the car door. Surpr

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