Chapter 692

Maisie was stunned. “When did that happen?” Louis replied without any hesitation, “I was there during your high school party that year.” It had been so long that Maisie had forgotten about it. She looked at Louis intently. Honestly, she was kind of surprised that he was able to find out about Ryleigh getting kicked out of the club when she was in university. ‘Just how deep did he look into this?’ As if she remembered something, she smiled at Louis and said, “I can tell you, but you have to answer my question first in exchange.” With the smile etching on her face, she continued, “Why do you want to marry Ryleigh?” … #The supermodel Xyla has returned from overseas# Ryleigh was sitting with her legs crossed on the couch while eating a bowl of fruit salad. When she was scrolling through her Facebook newsfeed, she saw the news, and her eyes were fixed on the screen for a long time. ‘Xyla has returned? Since his ex-girlfriend is coming back, does this mean that we don’t need to cont

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