Chapter 695

Nolan loosened his tie and said to Quincy. “I’m not going to the dinner tonight. Tell them that I have to take a bath with my wife.” Quincy was rendered speechless. At night, Maisie regretted everything she had said in the afternoon. The ripples were reflecting on the ceiling. The bathroom was foggy, and it was only when the residual heat faded that her vision became clear. She leaned on Nolan’s chest and listened to his heartbeat. His body gave off a refreshing smell after he took a bath, and the beads of salty sweats that glided off his body looked like rivulets of light. “Are you really not going to attend the dinner?” she asked. He lifted her wet hair and collected them behind her back. “I didn't want to go in the first place. Besides, isn't it more important to stay with my wife than to socialize?” Maisie was tickled pink by his answer. She got up and wrapped the towel around her body. After that, she took the hair blower and walked to the washbasin to dry her hair. Nolan a

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