Chapter 69

Maisie slowly looked up and saw the camera with a red blinking light in the corner. Had she been played all along, or did she just fall into this trap? “Are you looking for the results?” The emergence of a shadow shot chills down Maisie’s spine. She looked at Nolan, who was standing outside the door holding a different envelope with horror written all over her face. Nolan had received the report from Coralia half an hour ago and had seen the results. The red words spelled out ‘DNA is a match’. It was confirmed that Waylon and Daisie were his children. It had been six years. Not only did he have two children, but they were also close to him. If he didn’t look into it and found the truth, how could he have found out who the woman actually was? “You’re really clever. You were the one who switched the report, right?” “I don’t know what you mean.” Maisie was trying very hard to calm down. That wasn’t the time to panic. Nolan walked toward her and squinted. “You’re still pretending

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