Chapter 704

Of course, they would also push her outside to get some sun, but the duration was limited. Maisie looked at the person sleeping in bed and heard the nurse sigh. “Ms. Topaz got into the accident at such a young age and has been sleeping for over 10 years. Even the doctors advised Mr. Topaz to let go.” Maisie felt complicated. She wouldn’t have known about Naomi if Louis had never mentioned her. She thought of something. “No one has visited her other than Mr. Topaz?” The nurse pondered. “Her coursemates visited at first, but it didn’t continue for long. No one else came after that.” Maisie stayed there for a while before leaving the nursing home. She got into her car and gave Ryleigh a call. Ryleigh was at the pool hall with Barbara. Maisie went there with Saydie and saw only the two of them at the table. She walked over with her arms crossed. “You’re enjoying yourselves.” Ryleigh was drinking coke, then smiled. “We’re jobless. Of course, we’re enjoying ourselves.” Barbara hit a

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