Chapter 706

Maisie squinted her eyes, and the smile slowly faded from her face. “Do you think Louis will go back to you after Ryleigh cancels their marriage?” The emotion in Xyla’s eyes changed, but she soon calmed herself down. “I don't think it's your concern, Ms. Vanderbilt. I've been with Louis for six years. I could get him to fall in love with me in the past, and I can do the same in the future.” Xyla rose to her feet and walked up to Masie. She patted her shoulder and said, “I’m looking forward to our cooperation.” Just when Xyla walked to the door, a voice rang out behind her. “You really don’t know Louis, do you? Of course, you don’t know me either.” Xyla froze. However, she did not say anything and left in the end. At the Royal Academy of Music… Louis was teaching in the classroom. After the lesson was over, a couple of female students approached him shyly to ask for advice about the finger positions. Louis glanced at them and said, “I’ve already mentioned it before in the lesso

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