Chapter 71

Maisie left the ward without looking back after saying so. Willow dashed out of the ward and caught up to her when she arrived at the elevator entrance. “Maisie Vanderbilt, you stop right there!” Maisie turned sideways and glared at her. “Why should I? Just because you couldn’t talk me down, you deliberately brought our father to Blackgold Group to ask me to return to Vaenna?” ‘Speaking of it, Dad was so angry that he fainted. Doesn’t it have anything to do with her?’ Willow gnashed her teeth bitterly. “Dad was the one who suggested that he should come along to persuade you, and you’re the one who provoked him until he passed out! “Maisie, in Dad’s eyes, Nolan and I are a couple. So you’d better act sensibly and leave Blackgold. Otherwise, I’ll make sure that two little b*stards of yours— Ugh!” Maisie had grasped Willow’s neck and pushed her against the wall. Her eyes were terribly cold and stern. “I dare you to try!” “Do you think that I don’t have the guts to do so? I double d

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