Chapter 740

Maisie buried her face in his shoulder. It was too embarrassing. Nolan put her down on a bench, put his hand on the backrest behind her, and seemed to want more. “Do you want to continue?” Maisie had been scared so badly in the haunted house that her tears were still in her eyes, looking very delicate. She said, “No more.” Nolan laughed and gently wiped the tear off the corner of her eyes. “My Zee can be afraid sometimes.” She hummed and turned away, looking at the Ferris wheel far away. He noticed that. “Do you want to ride that?” Maisie nodded. Nolan brought her to the bottom of the Ferris wheel, paid, and walked into a cabin. The cabin slowly moved upward while Maisie looked out and smiled with joy. “My first Ferris wheel ride was in Stoslo.” Nolan looked at her, and something flashed across his mind while they rose higher. Maisie kept her eyes on the view outside. Riding on a Ferris wheel during daytime and slowly moving upward, she could see far away, even the sea that

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