Chapter 742

Ryleigh’s face sank, and she harrumphed. “Who… Who the hell would peek at you when you’re using the toilet? You must be delusional. Besides, you have nothing to look at!” Louis replied half-heartedly, “Who knows if you want to take advantage of me or not?” Ryleigh pointed at herself. “Me? Want to take advantage of you?” She sneered as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world and said, “If I really want to take advantage of you, I would have—” He lifted his brows and interrupted her, “You would have what?” Clearing her throat, Ryleigh replied, “Why should I tell you?” Louis did not say anything in return. When he saw that the IV drip in the bottle was almost finished, he pushed the service bell. The nurse came in. She pulled the needle out of the back of his hand and said to him gently, “Sir, you have to get an anti-inflammatory injection tomorrow and the day after.” He nodded. The nurse then left with the bottle. Ryleigh clicked her tongue and said, “This nurse is so g

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