Chapter 74

Senior designer of Hailey & Co. Jewelry, Freddy Fuller. He also knew that Willow was Nolan’s girlfriend, so this made her very happy deep down. ‘Yes, everyone in Bassburgh knows that Nolan has a girlfriend. Hailey & Co. Jewelry is such a huge company, and Dad will definitely once again think highly of me if Vaenna can collaborate with them.’ After talking for about ten minutes, Fred handed her several design sketches. “These are the jewelry that I designed, and it’s also the theme of my creation, “The Light of Life”. This is my first time trying to design jewelry with a retro Gothic design language.” Willow looked at the design drawings with a surprised expression. ‘If Vaenna had had such designs, it wouldn’t have been suffering until now! Heh, does Maisie have this ability? Freddy can still beat her to the ground!’ Willow went to her father after she signed a contract with Freddy to show him the contract. Stephen looked at Willow with admiration when he knew that she could get

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