Chapter 758

Nina nodded. “Helios has to thank Mr. Goldmann for this. Helios has been working in the entertainment industry, so he's inexperienced when it comes to business. If it hadn't been for Mr. Goldmann, he would've fallen for the scam. The other party wanted Helios to invest $7,500,000. However, Helios wouldn't get any profit at the beginning, and even the contract was shady.” Sipping on her fruit juice, Maisie said calmly, “The hot spring tourism in Winston Island is a big piece of pie, and it attracts many businessmen to come here and invest in it. Those well-seasoned businessmen wouldn't jump straight into it. They would act according to the circumstances since it's a big investment. However, Helios is different. As you said, he's inexperienced in doing business, and I guess that's why they target him.” Since they had the audacity to demand Helios to put $7,500,000 in their hands as an investor, it showed that they were going to rip off Helios. If Helios really had invested in it, alth

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