Chapter 760

The middle-aged man went forward to the man. He bowed forward and said, “Quintin, he’s here.” Holding a cigarette between his lips, Quintin took a drag and blew out smoke that clouded his gaze. He squinted his eyes and looked at Nolan. “Just when I was still thinking when I should go look for you two, you presented yourself before me.” Nolan smiled and asked, “Where is my friend?” Quintin glanced at the middle-aged man. Receiving his cues, the middle-aged man gestured to his men with his eyes to bring Helios out. Helios was brought to Nolan's side. Nolan turned his head to check him. Other than some extra bruises on his face, he was fine, and his arms were still intact. “This celebrity friend of yours has a fiery temper. He refused to talk to us nicely, so we could only teach him a lesson,” Quintin said as he lifted up a glass and finished the remaining wine in it in one sitting. Smiling, Nolan said, “It would be a problem if you accidentally disfigured him.” “Hmph! There’s noth

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