Chapter 781

Madam Nera was stunned. Only then did the man notice Maisie who was standing beside him. “This is…” “She’s my god-granddaughter, Maisie Vanderbilt.” Madam Nera looked at Maisie and introduced her. “Zee, this is Mr. Tristan Knowles. You can address her as your uncle. He’s my junior.” Maisie nodded at him. “Nice to meet you, Uncle Tristan.” Tristan nodded back. He and Madam Nera went to the side to talk to each other while Maisie stood in front of the car and waited for them. She glanced in the direction of the two of them. ‘It seems that Mr. Knowles isn’t from Zlokova, and judging from the way he carries himself and how he dresses, he’s either a rich man or a man of prestigious status. As for his relationship with Mrs. Boucher…’ Madam Nera turned to look at her and said, “Zee, you should go back first. You don’t have to wait for me.” Maisie smiled, nodded, and then got into the car with Saydie. At the Boucher manor… Christina passed by Helios’ room and was shocked when she hea

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