Chapter 788

Katrina didn’t have influence or power. And without Eugene’s protection, it would be easy for the Chases to get back at her. Mr. Zhivkov would be the best person to do it. A waiter walked in and whispered something into Mr. Zhivkov’s ear. He stopped trying to light up a cigar and frowned. “Who is it?” The waiter said, “I’m not sure, but they seem to be powerful and asked specifically to see you.” Katrina heard that and turned pale. ‘Someone powerful requested to see Mr. Zhivkov? Who?’ Mr. Zhivkov placed his cigar on the ashtray, got up, and followed the waiter out. Katrina couldn’t help but hold her fist. A few bodyguards in black stood outside the first VIP room. The waiter said something to one of them, and they opened the door. Mr. Zhivkov became alert but thinking that Glitz had complicated backing, he didn’t make a scene and walked in calmly. The room was dimly lit. The man sitting on the couch had broad shoulders, his navy blue suit looking crisp. Half of his face was

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