Chapter 805

Barbara’s tone was calm. “Just answer, did you or did you not?” “So what if I did?” Katrina walked into the building and fished some keys out of her bag. “Your uncle is dead, but your family is trying to hide that from the outside world. How could I let that happen?” Barbara said, “Hah, are you involved in my uncle’s car accident?” Katrina frowned. “Yelena, stop this nonsense. Why would I be involved with your uncle’s death? God is just punishing the Chases and taking it out on you. How is that my fault?” Barbara laughed. “How would I know if this was your plan with Peter Zhivkov?” Katrina got out of the elevator but paused when she heard that. “What are you trying to say?” “Go ask Mr. Zhivkov.” Barbara hung up before she could reply. Katrina stood outside her door, and her head started buzzing. She had a bad feeling about this. At the Glitz Club… Barbara sat in the dimly-lit room, scrolling through her phone. She saw the message Maisie had sent but didn’t reply. She couldn’

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