Chapter 811

Barbara thought of something before getting into the car, turned her head, and asserted herself to the camera. “I don’t know what moral high ground you people think you’re standing on when you’re pointing your fingers at me. I seemingly look like the victim of this incident, don’t I? Sure enough, the person who would have died back then would be me if I hadn’t resisted and fought back. I’ve done nothing wrong when all I did was fight for my life. I don’t need your sympathy, but at the same time, I won’t allow you people to slander me.” #Barbara Chase Accepted the Salvadores’ Appeal# appeared on every single trending article list on the Internet, and all photos of the scene were posted on the Internet by reporters. This time around, two groups of netizens with different points of view were formed on the Internet, and they debated and quarreled. Most women spoke up for Barbara and also argued against the comments that some netizens posted, saying that “that’s the outcome that those wom

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