Chapter 813

#Seamless fruits won’t attract flies.# #Sir, with all due respect, are you admitting that men are all flies? I bet flies are all feeling extremely aggrieved as your statement misrepresents them as a species.# #I only heard that flies grow up eating sh*t. Does that mean that’s the reason you’re able to utter pure bullsh*t!?# At a hotpot restaurant… Barbara and Maisie were eating beef slices while scooping more out of the pot of spicy broth. Both of them were sweating buckets from the spices. Ryleigh scrolled through the comments on the Internet and laughed out loud. “Netizens nowadays have great potential when it comes to becoming stand-up comedians. Each one of them sounds more bizarre than the other. They would cling to their keyboard and come up with a thesis as if they were the embodiment of justice whenever something happened, but they’re also pros in playing dumb as soon as the victims of the incident manage to clarify themselves.” Maisie looked at her. “Aren’t you going to

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