Chapter 81

Maisie looked at the three rugrats on the ground exhaustedly, chuckled, and said, “You three really do know how to make things difficult for me.” Daisie was the first one to respond. “Mommy, we just want you to get along well with Daddy.” Colton took over the conversation immediately. “Yes, Mommy, look at us, we don’t have a Daddy, and we’re so pitiful!” Waylon did not know what to say, so he just nodded his head anyway. “I’m going to wash my face.” Maisie walked straight to the restroom. Daisie scratched her head. “Mommy doesn’t seem to have slept well.” Colton nodded. “I know, right? Mommy has dark circles under her eyes...” The three rugrats looked at Nolan, who was still sleeping, and crept close to him. Colton could not help but ask, “Why is Daddy still not awake?” Daisie and Waylon stared at Nolan for a long time. Waylon then noticed something was wrong and stretched out his hand to touch his forehead. “Daddy seems to be having a fever!” Colton was startled. “Could it b

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