Chapter 825

“It seems to me that the Bouchers are going to get destroyed in your hands. Yael has been hogging the position for more than 30 years. Don't you think it's time for someone to take over him like Michael?” Helios chuckled and replied, “So? Are you going to use me as leverage to force my father to retire from his position?” Tony smiled but did not say anything. Barbara bit her lips and said, “You’re the one behind my uncle’s incident.“ Tony threw himself on the back of the couch and replied, “Well, honestly, he was a poor fellow. He overheard something he shouldn't know in the Glitz Club and got caught.” Barbara’s face sank. Just as she expected, her uncle’s “death” was not an accident. “It’s too bad that the Chases don’t have a son,” Tony continued as he studied Barbara, “There’s nothing you can do since you’re a girl. You don’t belong to the Chases since you’re going to get married one day in the future.” “Why can’t a woman sit in that position?” Barbara asked calmly. “Don’t und

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