Chapter 834

Tony flicked off the ash on the cigarette, and his eyes looked stern and murderous. “You useless piece of sh*t.” The man in black lowered his head. He crushed the cigarette butt into the ashtray. “I can’t wait any longer. Peter just died. Although this can block the distribution of the shipment, Yael Boucher knows it’s me. If it weren’t because I have his son with me, he would have made a move on me long ago.” The man in black looked at him. “Then let’s just kill those two. Anyway, the Bouchers and the Chases won’t know about it.” Tony’s expression looked ruthless. “No, we have to keep Yael’s son with us. As for Michael’s daughter, just tell them to get rid of her.” He sneered. “We’ll beat the dog before the lion. I shall do everything they think I don’t have the balls to do. I’m not afraid of Michael even if his daughter is dead. Even if he were to go to Yael after that, Yael will be afraid of me and dare not act rashly.” ‘Yael won’t help Michael out as long as he still cares ab

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