Chapter 837

The gun was pointed at Barbara’s head. She held her breath, and her blood froze while she closed her eyes tight. Tony was going to give the order when Leon said, “Kill me first.” Tony looked at him. “Haha, do you think you’re going to buy her some time? You’ll go together. Do it.” Two bodyguards cocked their guns and pointed them at the same time. “Mr. Grant!” Mr. Sanchez’s voice came from not too far away. Then he appeared, running. “Don’t shoot!” Leon took the chance when the people were distracted and tackled them. The sound of a gunshot echoed through the woods. Barbara saw Leon getting shot and collapsing to the ground, and her throat started drying up. Tony immediately looked back and noticed Mr. Sanchez had turned pale. “No…” Tony reacted quickly and yelled, “Run!” The police followed the sound of the gunshot and surrounded them when a few men in black covered Tony so he could escape. “Save the hostage!” One of the officers noticed Barbara and rushed toward her.

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