Chapter 839

“Helios,” Ryleigh walked toward him, “You’re getting discharged too?” Helios paused, turned to look at Barbara and Maisie, then turned around again. “I wasn’t too badly hurt, and I have work to finish.” Maisie looked at Barbara, who was quiet, bowed, and nudged her with her shoulder, “What’s wrong?” Barbara was curious. “What do you mean?” “Aren’t you going to say hi?” Maisie squinted. Why did they become distant after being in the hospital together? Barbara’s eyes moved around. She had never gone to see Helios again after that day. She appreciated Helios’ attempt at saving her while disregarding his own safety. She was definitely moved. If someone had protected her when the incident with Eric happened, she might just have married that person. But after what Helios had said, she didn’t know how to face him. The man was willing to sacrifice himself to save her and wanted to take responsibility because he thought she had been assaulted because of him. All that did touch her hea

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