Chapter 841

Maisie placed her hands on Barbara’s shoulders and said, “Let’s go upstairs and talk.” It was only then Barbara came around to her senses and followed Maisie and Saydie into the elevator. The decoration and items in the office on the fifth level remained the same. It seemed as if nothing had happened before. Barbara stood in front of the office and only snapped out of her trance when Maisie called her. She stepped into the office and sat on the couch. Saydie closed the door and waited outside with the bodyguards. Maisie took the cup from the table and said, “When you went missing that day, I came to look for you at the club. Mr. Summer received me. He gave me a clue, and he wanted me to do him a favor.” Barbara’s hands on her lap clutched tightly. “Why didn’t you tell me at the hospital?” “I’m sorry, Barbara. I promised Mr. Summer that I would only tell you after taking over Glitz,” Maisie replied as she lowered her head. “Mr. Summer knows that you might not want to see him.” “

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