Chapter 857

Maisie did not know when it happened, but Nolan was all she had in her eyes by the time she realized it. After Nolan finished preparing the breakfast, Maisie rested her chin on her palm and looked at her husband longingly, “Honey, seeing how much I cooperated with you last night and this morning, shouldn't you say yes already?” Nolan put the sunny side up on her plate and replied, “I’ll consider.” Maisie put her hands down and sat up straight. “What? Why do you still need to consider it?” “Hmm?” He lifted his eyebrows and put a cup of warm milk on the table. “It depends on your performance for the next few days. If I’m happy, maybe I’ll say yes.” In order to make it work, Maisie had no other choice but to gnash her teeth and nod. Seeing Maisie's sullen appearance, Nolan asked, “Are you not jealous to have your husband shoot an endorsement like that with another man?” “Jealous? Why should I? Both of you are… Well, this is different. You guys are like brothers, and I don’t see a

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