Chapter 865

Helios frowned. “I asked my father to suggest it to Grandfather. You used to be a playboy, but you’ve changed a lot ever since you returned from the training camp, so I don’t believe you would do that.” Francisco was extremely moved upon hearing this. “Helios, I knew that you would believe in me. I swear I didn’t touch Maizie. It’s just that…” “It’s just that what?” Francisco felt very aggrieved. “It’s just that I lost consciousness after drinking that glass of wine. And the next thing that I remember is that I was sleeping in the same bed as Maizie when I woke up. I was totally unconscious the whole night, so what could I do to her?” Helios squinted his eyes and fell into deep thought. After a short while of pondering, he asked, “Who handed you that glass of wine?” Francisco thought of something and said, “It’s Maizie. I only drank the glass of wine that she handed me before—” He reacted in an instant and gnashed his teeth in anger. “I knew that it’s impossible for me to fall un

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