Chapter 868

Ryleigh pointed to Tanner. “Well, then… Helios and Tan?” Tanner shuddered and raised his hand to object. “No, I don’t kiss men!” Ryleigh and Barbara looked at each other and seemed to have imagined something, then laughed out loud. Helios finally chose truth. Ryleigh lay on the table and asked, “I’ve always wanted to ask, do you have a crush on someone?” Barbara rubbed her nose bridge, and when she heard Ryleigh’s question, she froze, and her ears perked up. Maisie picked up the wine glass and smiled. “I want to know too.” Tanner and Louis chimed in, “We all want to know.” Heliod looked down. “Not for now.” The three got quiet. Barbara sat there quietly, not sure if she was drunk or sober, and didn’t know what to think. Maisie looked at both of them and didn’t make a sound. Seeing that Ryleigh was still not done, Louis cleared his throat. “We’re almost out of alcohol. Let’s stop here.” She objected. “No, I haven’t had enough yet. We can still continue.” Loui walked behi

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