Chapter 875

Some fragmented memories flashed across Barbara's head. She felt that she had said something to Helios but couldn't remember it! Maisie brought Daisie and Colton to their car. Colton turned his head around to look at the young man and asked, “Why are you still following us, sir?” The youth laughed dryly. Then, he collected himself, cleared his throat, and said in a serious manner, “I think that since your sister is a child star, she has a lot of potential. She will have a bright future. I guarantee that she will be very popular when she grows up!” Colton looked at him speechlessly. The young man gave him his name card and said confidently, “I’ll wait until your sister comes of age. I’ll sign her and make her into a celebrity who's even more famous than Mr. Boucher!” Colton took over the name card and took a look at it. The name card read Zestar Media Corporation's agent, Triden Gallagher. He did not throw the name card away even though the young man had already left but stuck it

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