Chapter 880

“Grandpa, won’t you come with us to Daddy’s birthday party?” Daisie asked with her head tilted. “I’m too old for a party now. I can no longer stay up late as you young people do. I have to go to bed early and get up early to keep myself healthy.” Nicholas took a sip of Earl Fray tea. After the family had dinner, Nicholas went back to his study while Colton and Daisie went for a stroll with Maisie in the courtyard. Sitting alone in the study, Nicholas looked through some old items, and when he looked up again, the first thing that caught his attention was Nolan, who was leaning against the door silently. He was astounded and put down the items in his hands. “Why didn’t you go for a walk with your kids and wife? Why have you come here instead?” “Why didn’t you tell me about your gastric?” Nicholas lifted his gaze. “It’s just a tiny issue, so what can I say?” Nolan walked to the desk and took a glance at the old box that was lying on the desk, which contained the mementos that belo

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