Chapter 88

Maisie, who originally wanted to get into the front passenger seat, was rendered speechless. As soon as she sat down in the rear passenger seat, Quincy turned to look at her and gave her a wide smile. “Good morning, Mrs. Goldmann.” Maisie gnashed her teeth. “Mrs. Goldmann your as— Drive!” She would have completed the impertinent sentence if it weren’t for Colton’s presence. Quincy pouted his lips. ‘Ms. Vanderbilt is rather hot-tempered. Mr. Goldmann will have a lot to bear in the future.’ Nolan turned around and glanced at her. Maisie’s fashion sense had always been good. She was wearing a professional suit, but she managed to bring out a unique fashionable style. It seemed monotonous to wear a pure black basic blouse in a buttonless black pattern suit, but the blue-black gradient and the irregular lace split skirt contrasted sharply with the burgundy heels. It made the overall look not only less monotonous but also more fashionable. And the earrings that were in the same colo

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