Chapter 890

“What are you trying to say?” “I thought you couldn’t sleep because you were too excited.” Barbara’s hand that was holding the spoon froze, and she looked at Maisie curiously. “What would I be excited about?” Maisie smiled knowingly. “I made a bet with Ryleigh last night, and she transferred $100 to me.” Barbara was still confused. “What did you bet on?” Colton took a drink of his milk. “Mommy and Godmother betted on you and Godfather to see who would make the first move on kissing. Mommy betted on you while Godmother betted on Godfather.” The air froze, and it finally struck Barbara, who then started to blush. “You…” Maisie was surprised and looked at Colton. “How did you find out?” Colton took a big bite of his croissant. “Godmother was complaining to us last night.” It was impossible for Ryleigh to keep her mouth shut! Barbara was so embarrassed all she wanted was to hide in a hole. She had been seen! She hadn’t thought about how she was going to face Helios yet—she had l

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