Chapter 900

“Ms. Hannigan, I’m doing things for you for the sake of Mr. Grant. However, Mr. Grant is in prison now, and I’ve helped you solve your trouble by killing someone.” The man then scoffed. “Now the police are looking for me everywhere, and I have to leave Bassburgh, but I’ll need some money to do so.” Maizie replied sullenly, “Haven’t I already given you $500,000?” “Ms. Hannigan, how would $500,000 be enough? Mr. Grant gave you more than $500,000 back then, didn’t he? Besides, if I were to be caught by the police, I'd only spend 10 to 20 years in prison. But you’re different. You’re the mastermind of this murder, and let’s not forget your title as the future daughter-in-law of the Bouchers. It would be bad if this were to ruin your future.” Maizie understood the underlying meaning of the man’s words and trembled with wrath. She had been under the impression everything would come to an end after getting someone to solve the trouble that she had initially. Still, she did not expect to ha

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