Chapter 902

Nolan didn’t finish his sentence. Maisie arranged the files and raised her brows with suspicion. “We need to find evidence that Maizie wanted to kill Katrina…” Even if they suspected Maizie, they couldn't prove that Maizie had paid off Gideon without evidence. Quincy said, “Once we find out where the money in Gideon’s account came from, we might get our answer.” Meanwhile, at the Bouchers… When Maizie told Elder Master Boucher that she would give birth to a son, Richard was delighted and asked the entire family to dine together. He even got a few more dishes for the babysitter. Maizie was secretly pleased that Richard cared about the great-grandson she was carrying so much. She looked at Francisco, who was quiet and with a stoic expression. If Richard accepted her because of the baby, she wouldn’t need to care if Francisco was happy about it. She was going to marry into the family. Richard looked at Helios. “Look at Francisco. He’s getting married soon. You’re older than him

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