Chapter 915

Maisie rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Ryleigh Hill, are you dumb or what? You’re engaged to Louis, and you dare to stay at Joe’s place for one whole night after grabbing a drink with him? Do you know what the public will do to people like you? They’ll slaughter you on the Internet.” “I was in a bad mood that day.” Ryleigh propped her head against her arm and stared blankly at the table. “His ex-girlfriend had to attend a dinner, and why didn’t he think about my feelings and our engagement when he went to the banquet with her as her male companion?” Maisie narrowed her eyes. Ryleigh laughed out loud abruptly. “The engagement is just a façade. If it weren’t for the marriage that the two families arranged, his ex might even be able to get back together again with him.” Maisie supported her chin with her hand. “If Louis really wants to go back to Xyla, your engagement with him would’ve gone down the sewage ages ago. Maybe there’s another reason for him to accompany Xyla to the dinner.

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