Chapter 939

Nollace turned sideways, looked into Daisie’s eyes, and then smiled sadly. Daisie bit her lip, turned around, and ran out. Nolan informed Tristan to bring Nollace away after the incident with Colton. Tristan knew what it was about and remained silent before sending someone to fetch Nollace. Nollace and Colton didn’t show up at school after a few days. Daisie looked at the two empty desks, and her fingers tightened around the pencil she was holding. At the Goldman mansion… Maisie walked past the study and looked in through the half-closed door. She saw Nolan standing in front of the window. Maisie crossed her arms and leaned at the doorway. “Did you send the child away because you think he set up Colton?” Nolan slowly turned to look at Maisie. After a long pause, he said, “That child has a complicated past. It’s best not to have our children spend too much time with him.” Maisie looked down. “You’re hiding something from me.” Nolan frowned. Maisie walked in front of him

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