Chapter 949

Tristan pursed his lips tightly and put the arrow down. “Why do you think that I would know?” Nolan smiled. “Even if you don’t know that, Madam Knowles should know that. Her family is from East Winston, isn’t it?” Tristan did not utter a single word. Nolan leaned on the back of the chair and tapped his fingertips against the table. “Actually, you‘ve long suspected that your mother has placed a spy by your side. I think it’s impossible for you not to know that.” After a moment, Tristan chuckled silently. He then straightened his posture and looked at Nolan. “Some troubles in the world cannot be resolved that easily.” “Even if you know that Madam Knowles is the person behind the scheme, she’s your mother, and you don’t have it in you to go against her hard. That’s why it’s natural for you to feel troubled.” Nolan saw through him at first glance. Tristan exchanged gazes with Nolan for a long while and then said sullenly, “I just want to know why she hates me that much, that’s all.”

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