Chapter 955

Daisie was astonished and suddenly felt sorry for Nollace. She took a deep breath and patted her chest. “Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend from now on. My brothers too. You won’t be lonely anymore.” Nollace smiled. Daisie Goldmann was a silly girl but adorable. … The night started creeping in. Maisie got out of the car in a brown trenchcoat with a belt and boots, her long, seaweed-like hair thrown behind her. She didn’t have a lot of makeup on, only lipstick. She had two bodyguards with her too. The server brought her to the VIP room, opened the door, and Tristan and a man looked over simultaneously. Jackie, who was about to take a sip of his wine, paused while his eyes fell on Maisie’s face. She seemed familiar, so his eyes lingered. Tristan smiled. “Mr. Clifford, this is Ms. Maisie Vanderbilt.: “Maise Vanderbilt.” Jackie frowned. At that moment, Maisie walked to the table and picked up a glass of wine. “It’s been a while. You seem to be an old classmate if I'm not wro

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