Chapter 957

Thomas replied expressionlessly, “I just came here to take a look.” Zeta and the woman came out of it when he was heading toward the wine cellar. The moment they saw Thomas, Zeta bowed to him and greeted, “Elder Master Clifford, I’m really sorry for the trouble I caused you.” “Hmph, so you guys know that you're causing me trouble too.” Thomas’ face was dark. “How could you get the Goldmanns into this?” That woman replied in a low voice, “You can’t blame us on that, Elder Master Clifford. It was the little girl herself who came with us. We also thought that the people from the Goldmanns wouldn't act rashly with that girl in our hands.” Thomas glanced at her and said, “You people from East Winston have seriously underestimated the Goldmanns. Have you ever heard of the things they did in Stoslo?” Zeta and the woman lowered their heads in silence. After all, they really had no idea how big of a trouble they had caused. Zeta opened her mouth and said, “We’ll send the girl away tomorro

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