Chapter 971

‘Madam Knowles is in charge of the Knowles. Perhaps she wants to lock Rick and his wife up because she doesn't want them to interfere with her plan. Now that Sam is dead, Rick and his wife will probably be her next targets. This old woman indeed is ruthless. She started by dealing with the Knowles first before sending someone to take Nollace back to the Knowles. There is a chance that she might set up an accident or something to kill Nollace, and no one would be suspicious of it,’ Nolan thought silently. After a while, he said, “Turn around. Let’s go to the Clifford manor.” By the time Nolan arrived at the Clifford manor, the servant told him that Thomas had already gone out, and a bad feeling rose from his stomach pit. He surmised that Thomas had gone to the wine cellar, and it seemed to him that Madam Knowles had sent someone to take Nollace back to Yaramoor. Suddenly, his phone rang. He answered it and put the phone near his ear. Before he could say anything, the bodyguard on th

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