Chapter 973

“This is why I said he isn’t an ordinary kid,” Nolan said as he lowered his voice. “After killing those kidnappers with poison, there was a chance that the same thing might happen to him again if he were to return to the Knowles. “Although he was a kid, he knew that the one who kidnapped him was Madam Knowles, so he hid in the slum for a month. When the police came looking, Madam Knowles would think that someone knew about it and saved him, so she wouldn't dare to do anything rash.” Quincy was stunned. He still found it hard to believe. If everything Nolan had said was true, then Nollace was truly a genius. Quincy thought that Nolan’s kids were already smart enough, but he did not expect Nollace to possess such a great mind which could develop a strategy like this at a young age. It was only now he saw the light why Nolan was reluctant to let Daisie get so close to Nollace. If Nollace was lucky enough to live to adulthood, perhaps he would be a tricky opponent in the future. The ne

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