Chapter 981

Zeta took out a pistol. “Protect Madam Knowles!” Several bodyguards were shot and dropped to the ground as men in black with dark complexions emerged from the shadows. They were shooting everyone on sight with the submachine guns in their hands. Zeta pushed Madam Knowles onto the cruise ship, grabbed her gun, squatted on the steps, and shot at the approaching men. Several bodyguards covered Madam Knowles as she boarded the ship and yelled at the crew, “Get the ship moving, hurry up!” The crew was about to get back into the cabin but got shot instantly, and blood stained the glass on the deck as the crew’s bodies fell straight into the sea. Madam Knowles saw someone aiming at her in the dark and pulled the bodyguard behind her to block the shot. The bullet shot through the bodyguard’s head, and blood splattered all over her and stained her body. Madam Knowles crawled into the cabin and locked the door, but she was surrounded by the ocean and the ocean only, so she could not escape

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