Chapter 994

“See?” Ryleigh crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Hah, he must be lying when he said he wouldn't see her again because of guilt.” Maisie frowned. “When were these photos taken? “After the Winter Festival celebrations and before we got our wedding certificate.” Ryleigh stood up. “Zee, he lied to me. He didn’t tell me any of these, and I only found out about it after someone sent these photos to me.” Her eyes were red, and she seemed disappointed. “It's not like I won't let them be together. I can quit. He doesn’t have to lie to me.” Maisie stretched her arms forward, hugged her, and comforted her, “Don’t cry, Ryleigh. I’ll help you to find out about this.” After that, she wiped the tears off Ryleigh’s eyes and continued. “If my cousin really is a jerk, I won’t let you two get married. Send these photos to me.” Ryleigh nodded. Maisie ordered the receptionist to contact Xyla for her when Ryleigh left. Xyla agreed to meet with her, and they met at a coffee shop. When Maisie

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