Chapter 999

Ryleigh retracted her hand subconsciously. “Joe, but I’ve always only regarded you as my best friend. I’ve never thought about—” Joe grabbed her by the shoulders, and his action made Ryleigh feel even more unfamiliar. “Joe, you—” “Ryleigh, you once said that you wouldn’t marry Louis, and it’s just an arranged marriage...” Joe stroked her slightly cold cheek with his palm. “But the way you treated him when you were in the hospital made me realize that I might lose you very soon.” Ryleigh moved Joe’s hand away, and her expression became slightly more serious. “Joe, you’re the one who sent those photos to me, aren’t you?” He did not deny it, nor did he admit it. “What would you do if it’s indeed me?” Ryleigh’s shoulders trembled, and her lips moved slightly. “Why would you do this? I believed in you, Joe. I didn’t believe it even when Zee told me that it was you, and I thought that she was mistaken.” Joe tightened his grasp on her shoulder and bent over to get closer to her. “Becaus

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