Chapter 1 Somebody's there

It was raining outside. A black Mercedes-AMG GT stopped at the side of the road and a man came out opening the door of the car. Wearing a black suit with a great taste a charming man, came out of the car. He was tall and his face was flawless and charming. He stood straight in front of his car, emitting an invincible aura. He looked at the girl lying at the roadside. She was young and her face was beautiful. She clenched a bag in her hand tightly so as to not let go. "Who is she? Is there anyone around go and search." The assistant went to look around. He came back and reported. "Director Lyle there is no one around." Devian nodded and picked the girl up. He turned around and said to the special assistant "Head back to Lyle mansion, Victorville. " The special assistant, Dean Rian, was stunt for a while and could not believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes to confirm that he wasn't hallucinating. His director was a germophobe okay! Anybody will be stunned ! How can his germophobe director pick up this girl randomly and ask to head back it was seriously something... Unbelievable ! Devian raised his eyebrows slightly! Dean saw his cold look and rushed towards the car to open the door. Devian put the girl inside cautiously, preventing any further injuries. He went to the other side and sat in the car. Special assistant, Dean, drove the car back to the residence. Devian came out picked the girl up and went inside. The Villa was very exquisite with every facilities and a huge garden in front. As Devian Lyle entered the living room there was a doctor waiting inside as he was already informed by the special assistant. He greeted Devian politely, "Director Lyle". The doctor must also be shocked, isn't it, How come his director who had never let any women approach him, suddenly bought a girl that too in his arms !!! Too shocking to be accepted! Devian put the girl on the couch gently and stepped aside. The doctor then examined the wound on her body. He turned towards Devian and reported. "President, the cause of these wounds seem to be deliberate struggle. She has been hit by something on a crucial part of her head, this may even cause a memory loss." The doctor prescribed some medicines and politely left. Devian then picked the girl up and took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed, gently. He glanced at her once then went out. Just as he left a middle aged woman came into the room she gently cleaned the girl and put a neat dress and left the room. She came out to the living room and reported to Devian, "Master I have cleaned and tidied the girl" Devian nodded and walked inside the room. He sat down on the couch, picked a file and started reading it. Suddenly he heard the girl saying, "stop, no stop, stop the fire, somebody please help" Devian walked towards the girl, gracefully. He sat down, she was still mumbling in her dreams. Devian could not help but reach out to pinch her delicate face. He was himself stunt at this moment He can't believe what he did right now. He rather was somebody who hated girls. But this was simply... astonishing. Anybody would be stunned. I feel like pinching myself. Was that really true. He touched a girl !! He took his hand back in a daze. But the girl reached out and held his hand tightly as if she was a little rabbit, very scared, and mumbled again. "Don't leave me alone. No ! Stop the fire. Somebody please help" Devian could not help but reach out to rub her head. This somehow gave the girl a sense of security and soon she fell asleep. After confirming that she was sleeping, Devian left the room. Next morning, bright sun shining and the rays from the window lit the whole room giving a warm feeling. When she opened her eyes, the bright light felt uncomfortable so the girl instinctively closed her eyes. She again opened her eyes slowly only to know that she was in someone's room. It was bright and spacious room. Seems like she was saved by someone last night ! "Where am I? Why am I here?" "And... Who am I?" Has she really lost all her past memories ! No way !! How is she going to find out who she was!? She was in a state of panic She sat up, but as she was weak she struggled. A bag kept on the table not far away from the bed caught her attention. She walked to the side of the table slowly and cautiously, hesitated for a while then decided to look into it. She caught hold of a paper as she pushed her hand inside the bag. She took it out. It was a half filled form of a well known designing competition. There was photo attached and only the name 'Arien Jenner' along with two designs. With this bit of information she figured out that it was her name. Unfortunately all the other columns were empty. She had no other information about herself! Arien deliberately started searching the bag for more information but at last she got nothing. She was helpless. She didn't know about herself. How could she be calm! Suddenly she felt a sharp pain on the back of her head. Everything in front became blur and she fell on the ground with a thud! Not long after, a middle aged woman rushed inside and put her back on the bed. The next time when Arien opened her eyes she saw an old man wearing a white coat. He said "Child, your injury is severe. You should have a good rest and avoid moving around." "Thank you" Arien smiled. Her smile was as bright as sunshine. The doctor nodded "good girl" and left. Soon after the middle aged woman walked in. Seeing Arien trying to sit she walked forward and helped her. "Miss, I am the caretaker of this house, Anne. You can call me whenever you need anything." "Thank you aunt Anne" Arien smiled to her. Arien could not help but ask Anne, "How did I come here?" "It was the night before when our master bought you home. You were injured badly and unconscious." Anne replied. "Oh, I see." Arien nodded. "Miss, now you should have a good rest." Aunt Anne helped her lie down "I will bring you your breakfast right away" "You can just call me Arien" Arien smiled. "I don't want to lie down anymore. My body will start rusting !" Seeing her so approachable aunt Anne could not help but pinch her rosy cheeks and say "Your body is still weak, child, you should eat first, after that I'll accompany you to have a walk outside." Arien obediently lied down. Soon after Anne came back with a bowl of porridge and juice. She fed Arien and then accompanied her out. Arien was fascinated with the beautiful flowers in the garden. She gain lot of knowledge about those flowers from aunt Anne. She almost forgot that she knew nothing about herself. Really! How could one forget that ! Arien was a beautiful and young girl around her early twenties. She had a flawless and delicate skin with a slender figure and shiny long hair. Wandering around the garden in a beautiful white dress she looked like an angel from heaven. ...... In the Ace Corporation Inc, special assistant, Dean Rian passed a folder to Devian. Devian open the folder and went through the pages. "Interesting ! She should not be told about this." Devian spoke. His slender finger tapping rhythmically on the table "First find out who the person is." "Yes, director" Dean accepted the order and went out of the office. There was a cold smile in Devian's eyes. ... *Looking for their first interaction right? Coming soon ! Enjoy!*
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