Chapter 1

“Stormchase has accepted your request.” A blue cab stopped steadily just outside a lofty and luxurious skyscraper. It was the busiest area in B City and the skyscraper belonging to Marriott International was none other than the city’s landmark. The Jane European-style building had a shiny crystal chandelier within and the wordmark “Marriott International” emitted a majestic aura with its exquisitely vivid lines and patterns. It looked like a palace under the shower of lights. Monique Xander just received a task from Stormchase. Her passenger was supposed to hop in her car there. “Hello, this is your Stormchase driver. My car is blue and my car plate number is A2219. I am already at the Marriott Tower so you can come down now.” Monique Xander smiled lightly, her gentle and clear voice like a silver bell. “Alright.” A deep and magnetic voice like a phantom came through, she felt an unnerving coldness from the other side of the call. Monique Xander shuddered. ‘Such a cold voice, I’m freezing!’ She could not help but glance at Little Nomi seated on the passenger seat. It was too bad that she was asleep! Little Nomi was her five-year-old daughter. Chubby and fair-skinned, she was extremely adorable. Her small cheeks blushed red like an apple, her thin and long brows under her wavy fringe were like a crescent moon. Her slightly pouting tiny mouth was like a cherry. The corners of Monique Xander’s lips lifted as she stared at her, her heart filled with warmth. All her exhaustion would fade away just looking at that soft and adorable daughter of hers. After adjusting Little Nomi’s blanket, Monique Xander leaned over gently and planted a light kiss on her forehead. She lowered the volume of the notifications for accepting cab requests and turned on the radio for some Bandari music. The two always liked simple and classy music like this. Little Nomi always slept peacefully to the sound of elegant and pleasant Parlour music. A man with poise and stature walked out of the entrance of the building after a short while and walked straight toward her car. He was wearing a dark suit and his lengthy shadow was elongated under the lights. He walked over swiftly like a beam of light. Monique Xander left her car hurriedly, bowed, and opened the car door for him. As the man approached, she could see his exquisitely handsome face ever so clearly. His features were sharp and sculpted as if they were carved by an expert craftsman. He had a wide forehead and prominent nose bridge, his thin scarlet chiseled lips were shut tight. His cool and deep dark eyes had a cold sharp gaze like an eagle at night. That man was giving out an aura similar to a formidable king’s. Monique Xander was truly stunned! She had met a lot of people throughout her job as a cab driver, but she had never seen such an extraordinarily good-looking man. ‘No,’ Monique Xander thought, ‘There will not be a more attractive man than this in the whole city.’ “Hurry.” Henry Moore’s inhumanly handsome face was without any emotion, his magnetic and cold tone had an irrebuttable arrogance about it. Cold air instantly swept over as if the air conditioning was set to the lowest temperature. She felt like she was freezing. “Alright.” Monique Xander forced a smile and looked up at the sky. ‘Why is the weather turning cold all of a sudden?’ She shook her head, swiftly started her car engine, and began to drive. Henry Moore noticed the little girl sleeping in the passenger’s seat the moment he got into the car. She had apple-like blushed cheeks, a tiny exquisite nose, and thick long doll-like lashes. He guessed that Bandari’s Snowdream was playing on the radio for her. The beautiful piano melody was comforting to listen to. The cab continued on the road steadily. He did not feel any discomfort, the cab was so stable and comfortable it was as if he was in a luxurious sedan. It did not feel like a cab at all. Henry Moore raised a brow as he admired the driver’s adept driving ability. He threw a glance at Monique Xander on the driver’s seat. She had sleek short hair, her fair and slender hands steered the wheel gracefully. That was the first time Henry Moore called a cab. He was in a hurry to go to RK when his driver’s car broke down on the way to pick him up. “Sir, you’re going to RK Bar, correct?” Monique Xander felt a chill down her spine as she could sense a cold gaze on her. “Yes.” His voice was deep like a cello, magnetic, and pleasant. ‘He has an alluring voice, I could get pregnant just from listening to him.’ Monique Xander could not help but throw a glance at the rearview mirror. The man in the mirror was slouched against the car seat as he rested with both his eyes shut. As if he was handcrafted, his facial profile was unbelievably perfect. He had dashing brows, an aquiline nose, and thin lips. His unique face made him look classy. Although he was not doing anything but sitting there in silence, she could sense a heavy tension from him. The silence was intimidating to her, which was kind of bizarre. Monique Xander was nervous for some reason. Her chest felt congested like when she woke up that morning five years ago. They had reached the entrance of RK Bar. “Sir, you’re here.” Her voice was sweet and gentle. “Hmm?” Henry Moore opened his eyes slowly. Did he fall asleep? ‘Unbelievable!’ A hint of disbelief flashed in his eyes. ‘Did I fall asleep?’ Henry Moore, the young master of Moore Group, had an unusual temperament with an outstanding family background. He was someone who could get anything he wanted in B City. He was a natural-born genius in management. He took over Moore Group at a very young age and it has been expanding rapidly under his management. The group expanded into other industries like entertainment, finance, real estate, the film industry, and so on. Single to this day, he was desired by countless socialites and ladies. He had a legendary reputation in B City. However, there was something that bothered him. He had insomnia. He had met many renowned doctors but his situation remained unchanged. Sleeping pills did help him relax, but he still had trouble falling asleep. He remembered the deepest sleep he had, it was five years ago. One night five years ago, he was tricked by someone. Right when he was throbbing with desire, a girl walked in. He was glued to the girl the whole night. She was so innocent, he had to have a taste. He slept exceptionally well that night, so well that he did not notice the girl leaving. She was gone when he woke up. Perhaps it was the pills, or he was too exhausted. What about this time? He had never once been able to fall asleep when his driver drove him around in his luxury car. Yet, on this day he was able to doze off in a cab! Henry Moore looked at the woman in front of him with disbelief. She had tiny dimples when she smiled, and her huge bright eyes were like a clear pond on her fair face. She looked refreshingly beautiful. However, Henry Moore had met all sorts of women in his life. The woman in front of her was nothing outstanding if compared to the pile of ladies who were waiting to get into his bed. Perhaps it was the music! “You slept well. Don’t forget to take care of yourself even if you’re busy with work!” Monique Xander raised the corners of her lips to form a brilliant smile.
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