The Light of Young Master Mu's Life
She was the infamous ugly duckling of the Gu’s. She played dumb to get ahead, but deep inside darkness and cunningness infested her soul. He was the most sought-after man in Beling, mysterious and noble, and never been close with any women. When he uncovered her disguise, little by little, Gu Anran struggled pitifully to put up a defense. “Young Master Mu, can we get a divorce?” The man forced her to the corner of the wall announced authoritatively, “Divorce, over my dead body!” Had she not been framed by her very own sister, out of carelessness, she would never have gotten into scrapes with the young and dangerous man of Beiling. She thought she would then live in deep water for the rest of her life, but unexpectedly, she was spoiled rotten by him.

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