The Slave

Prologue : Slave! I’ve been hearing this sharp and crisp word that cause me to be forgotten entirely, even my real name, for the past ten years. My money-driven parents sold me to the Alpha of the New Moon pack when I was ten years old, and in return, he paid them a fair sum of money. “You are just a worthless human!” Was their reply when I asked them why they were giving me to him, and since then, I have become the New Moon pack's slave. They would beat me whenever they feel like I made mistakes and always ordered me around to do their chores. I lost all hope in life and wish to leave it as soon as possible, but something is making me hold tighter to my life whenever I want to end it, and I could sense that fate had instilled something that would change my entire life. **** “Slave!” I heard Deklan, the Alpha call from the living room. I immediately left the dishes I was doing and practically ran to him, bowing my head as I entered the living room. I have to be respectful and not utter a word, or else he’ll hurt me. He and Brittany, his mate, were sitting on the couch watching TV with his arm on her shoulders. “My mate is hungry. Go make us something to eat, and don’t you dare even think about tasting anything.” He yelled in his Alpha tone, making me cringe a little. I bowed my head again and made my way back to the kitchen. I decided to make some macaroni and cheese since that’s what Brittany, Deklan’s mate liked the most. In fifteen minutes, the macaroni was ready, so I took both plates on a tray with two cans of soda since Deklan must have something to drink with his meals. I made my way to the living room, but it looked like I had terrible timing. Both Deklan and Brittany were in a heated make-out session but stopped when they sensed me. I saw Deklan turn around as he had his back to me, and his angry expression wasn’t gone unnoticed. He growled loudly, obviously mad that I ruined the moment, and before I even got the chance to process anything, Deklan had his hand around my throat, raising me off the ground, making the tray of food fall immediately, and creating a loud sound. I whimpered faintly, knowing that I protested, yelled, or cried. The beatings will just be worse. With his hand still choking my throat, he made his way to the kitchen and out of Brittany’s sight since she doesn’t like ‘the view’. Once we reached, my body was hardly thrown against the kitchen counter, making my hip hit the edge. Pain shot through my hip and right leg, and I couldn’t feel it as it went numb. I didn’t get a chance to get up when Deklan’s hands and legs were making contact with every part of my body. He kept kicking my stomach and punching my face. I knew that I’d have some broken ribs and swollen face after, probably a broken arm or leg as well. You might think that it’s okay as I would heal quickly like any other werewolf, but, that’s the thing, I’m not even a werewolf. Even though both my parents are, I was born without the werewolf gene, and that’s basically the reason why I was sold to Alpha Deklan. Being the Alpha and Luna of the Dawn pack, my parents were ashamed of me and couldn’t accept me as their daughter. Well, that’s all in the past now. I cried over them enough, and I don’t think I have any more energy to feel anything anymore. “Useless slave!” Deklan roared. He gave me one last kick to my side before demanding that I should clean up the living room mess and prepare food all over again. “And next time, think before you make a move!” He spat and left, probably making his way to Brittany again. I heard giggling from outside and knew it was Brittany. Not long, I saw Deklan carrying her in a bridal style, making his way upstairs. I couldn’t help the tears that threatened to fall from my eyes. I wish I had someone to care for me and love me too, but I know that it will not be possible. I’m just a human, and I don’t think humans have mates. I slowly tried getting up, holding the counter for support. My body was aching, and blood seeped through the cuts and scratches Deklan gave me. My right leg tingles, and whenever it touches the floor, a sharp, searing pain seems to tear my thin body, and I couldn’t help but cry out silently. I had to go and do what I was told not to be beaten up again. I carefully made my way to the living room and started cleaning the mess. Thank god that no one from the pack was here today, and I’m not hurt by someone else again. They all had a school trip for two days and one night, and all the beta and third in command left with them, leaving only the Alpha, his mate, and me. I finished cleaning and went to prepare food again. When I was done, I took the tray and went upstairs, standing in front of Alpha Deklan’s room. I didn’t know what to do. How was I supposed to know if they were having a good time or not? “Just leave the fucking thing and leave!” I heard Alpha Deklan’s growl before I could come up with something to do. I quickly placed the tray on the floor and tried dragging my aching leg to reach my room which was actually an attic in the ceiling. I couldn’t complain, though; at least it was better than sleeping outside in the cold place. I could barely make it to my bed before collapsing, and all I saw was darkness as consciousness lapsed me.
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