Devoted To The Alpha
*18+ only. Contains mature themes*Adeline’s world gets flipped upside down when a neighbouring Alpha takes over her pack. He’s ruthless, rumors being said that he even killed his father for the Alpha position, yet Adeline can’t help but drop to her knees whenever he’s nearby.Convinced that Alpha Jaxon has been cursed by the Moon Goddess to never have a true mate due to his violent history, he takes a compatible mate of choice instead, a woman who's strong enough to help lead the pack, unlike Adeline who looks meek at the first sight. However, Adeline discovers there’s more than lust pulling her to Alpha Jaxon. How will she be able to resist?****“I’m not sure if that’s how one should greet their Alpha”, he uttered inches away from my lips.I paused for a second in an attempt to compose myself, adrenaline free flowing, as my wolf and I took in the comfort of being so close to him again. “Hmm, that may be true except you aren’t my Alpha yet”, I challenged him back in a seductive tone that came off naturally. Our faces were so close together that the warmth of our breaths was clashing, I so badly wanted him to give in and close the distance between us.“You feel that, don’t you? Your wolf is squealing inside to have me mark you… right… here…”, Jaxon nipped at my neck ever so lightly. I felt as if my legs were about to let out under me at any second.He moved his hand just under my sweater on my back pulling me closer into his hardness while his other hand glided across the side of my face, caressing my jaw softly. Crisp electric sparks shot through my body at his touch, “Shh Adeline, soon I’ll have you completely submitting to me. You’ll be begging your Alpha to stretch that tight, wet pussy and fill it entirely”, lowering his hand and lightly swiping between my legs.
The Luna's Vengeance
I am Amalthea Jade, the daughter of the prestigious Matthew and Thea Jade. My parents died in a rogue attack, and the only hope I had was my chosen mate, Blake Cohl.I thought I got all the happiness in the world when I got married to him, but on my wedding night, he brought his fated mate to our wedding room. The mate, he can't reject.I would've let go of her if she hadn't provoked me, and naturally, I did what anyone would've done in a situation like this. I attacked her.There's a rule that if any person attacks another person without a reason, then he/she is punished with 20 whippings, but since I am the luna, I was given another option, apologize to my husband's fated mate.Bow down and apologize to the person who took away my happiness? He must be joking.Rather than bowing, I took not 20 but 50 whippings to remember this humiliation for the rest of my life.Feeling tired, I decided to leave, as my father also thought that Blake was the better alpha than me. But as I was leaving, I came to know that my parents’ death wasn't just a normal rogue attack case. It was more than that.The plan was simple. Avenge my parents, the humiliation I suffered, and start afresh, but what am I supposed to do when the Lycan king starts tailing me?How the hell am I supposed to react when he says he wants to marry me, and that he will destroy everything in my world if I keep refusing him? Not to mention how he hates me.“I can’t marry you because I hate all the males with the alpha syndrome, and I am already married,” I barked at him.“And? I don't see why that's a problem. Let me make it clear, Amalthea. I want you, and I will do anything to get you, even if it means I will have to turn this world upside down,” He smirked.How am I supposed to get on with my plans like this? Not to mention the rogue head who is strangely interested in my matters more than I am.Oh, and did I mention I was in the process of awakening my powers that even I didn't know of?
The Alpha's Rejected Human Mate
Eden Blake grew up in a dysfunctional family, her mother walked out on them when her father lost his job and he became abusive to her and her brother. He hated her the most because she looked like her mother, all she had was her brother but he too walked out on her promising to come back for her and never returning leaving her alone with her father.She grew up knowing no one loved her but she still had hope that there should be happiness out there in the world, she too planned to leave immediately she turned eighteen.One day as she sat in her room, she thought of what could be killing people and tearing them into peices in a safe and secure city like California. when her home was raided by Alpha of the crimson moon pack Syrus, he knew she was his mate the second he saw her but never had it occurred where a pureblood wolf like him has had a human mate, he took her under the pretext of her paying back the money he claimed her father owed.Eden wasn't going to take it to work off the debt if the man who has done nothing but made her suffer so she ran away but soon was captured and accidentally learned that Syrus was her mate. She couldn't believe all those fairytales her father told her were real but she was happy to know that there was someone made especially for her to love her , which was something no one has done in such a long time.Even though he was bound on rejecting her, taking advantage of the attraction from the mate's bond she was determined to make him fall in love with her and finally accept and make him forget the forbidden love that no one spoke about in the pack.
Nine Mates!Possess Their Mute Slave
Elizabeth is a wolfless mute slave. After her mother was brutally killed to protect her from rape, her father was murdered by the Alpha of the Black River Pack.Elizabeth endured endless bullying in the Black River Pack for revenge. She vowed to kill the Alpha's families and leave with her beloved boyfriend when she turned 18.However, fate played a joke on her.Elizabeth discovered that her boyfriend had cheated on her long ago, and her fated mates were Alpha's twin sons!She declared to reject them as her mates, but the moon goddess had more incredible arrangements waiting for her.One day she will find out that her mates are not only twins, but also the Alpha of Giant Wolf who is 16 feet tall, the prince of Winged Wolf who lives in a cloud castle, the Beta of Fire Wolf who is covered with Untouchable heat, and even the vampire king who is the enemy of all werewolves and the Merman who lives under the deep sea...Why does she have 9 mates? What should she do when all her mates are jealous and desperate to possess her?***I was kneeling on all fours inside the cage, with a heavy chain tied around my neck. Countless werewolves wearing masks sat in the circular stands, pointing at me, the cheapest auction item."Look at her huge belly. She's pregnant. Non-virgins aren't worth much!""Minimum 50 gold coins. If she has a baby girl, you will have two sex slaves then. "I couldn't believe that I, Elizabeth, the most cherished daughter of Blue Moon Pack's Alpha, would be reduced to being auctioned off as the lowest-priced sex slave in an underground trading market."10 million gold coins, we want her!"9 handsome men claimed.
Another name: TEARS OF A FLOWER"What do you want, Victoria?" Victoria walked closer to Vega, her eyes held hatred in them."Look, let me warn you, don't even dare try to ruin my marriage, or else I will make your life a living hell!""You knew he wasn't your mate, and you let him mark you, didn't you?" Vega asked with anger brewing inside her.Victoria lowered her gaze a little, which meant she actually knew."So what if I know? I'm the one he marked, not you!" She yelled, showing Vega her marked neck.******************************What happens when your twin sister is accidentally marked by your one true mate?Victoria and Vega are twin sisters born to the Alpha of white snow pack.These sisters are so identical that it was very difficult to differentiate between them. Their Father Alpha Blake Gilbert sometimes found it hard to tell their differences too.Fortunately they had two distinct features that separated them, one is the fact that Victoriawho happened to be the eldest was reckless and stubborn, while Vega was calm and quiet.But sadly, Vega was the one who always got punished for her sister's crime.Everyone in the white snow pack thought Vega was the black sheep among the two.Vega suffered silently.Secondly, Victoria's wolf was brown while Vega's was white, but no one had seen Vega's wolf which was a rare kind.Alpha Reynold Flames of Blue Stone Pack happens to be the most famous and well-respected Alpha in the northern province of Westland.He is a Lycan and he was very powerful.At the age of thirty, Reynold was still without a mate.When he visited white snow pack, his wolf sensed the presence of their mate.Excited as he was to find his mate, he was deceived into marking the wrong woman (Victoria) since she smelled just like his mate (Vega).What will happen to these three lives which have become entangled for life? Will there be a breakthrough for them or will things get even worse?
The Lost Luna Princess
Book One in the ‘Lost Luna Series’When the Luna Queen is brutally murdered in front of her baby daughter, her mate is shocked to find the betrayer was not only close to them but a ranked member to their Royal Pack. Having narrowly escaped to safety in the arms of her aunt, Princess Angel must keep her true identity a secret from everyone until the day she meets her mate. Will the past catch up to her before then?Jake is the ruthless Alpha to the Moonlight Pack; he has never wanted to find his mate believing it will make him weak. How will he react when he meets his mate only to find out that not only is she the Lost Luna Princess but that she's a blood relative to the Moon Goddess? Will he accept her and can he keep her safe?*** “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you I’m a member of the pack I live with my aunt and uncle, I was just out for a run and found this place, your beautiful by the way..... I mean its beautiful, not that your not because you are and omg what am I still talking” "Well if he didn't think we were strange he sure does now. Good going love" Star just snickered to herself. He got out of the water and walked towards me. I couldn’t help my eyes roaming his body. He looked like he had been sculpted by the moon goddess herself. He moved a strand of hair off of my face again asking me my name. But as he touched my skin I could have sworn I felt hot sparks, but how I'm not yet eighteen. “Mate” Was all I heard him say before he shifted and ran off back in the direction of the pack.
Alpha's Hated Mate
“I don't want to see this angelic face of hers that deceived me and murdered my child, she disgusts me, she is nothing but a worthless, good for nothing, liar. I was so good to her and this is how she repays me? I fucking loved her, I changed who I was for her sake. I put up with her annoying and embarrassing ass but you know what, take her back to Ryan if you must, I'm sure he was so relieved when I took her off his hands but even I regret taking her.” Camilla composes herself, finding her balance but still a crying mess. “You don't mean that, you're just mad. You love me, remember?” she mummers, her gaze drifting to Santiago. “Tell him he loves me and he's just mad.” she begs, when Santiago doesn't respond, she shakes her head, her gaze falling on Adrian again and he stares at her with disdain. “You said you love me forever.” she whispers. “No, I fucking hate you right now!” He yelled. ***** Camilla Mia Burton is a Wolf less seventeen-year-old with insecurities and fear of the unknown. She is a half-human part-werewolf; she's a powerful wolf even though unaware of the power within her and has a beast too a rare gem. Camilla is as sweet as she can be.However what happens when she meets her mate and he is not what she dreamed about? He is a cruel cold-hearted eighteen years old Alpha. He is ruthless and in disapproval of Mates he wants nothing to do with her. She endeavors to change his perception of how he sees things, yet he loathes and rejects her pushing her away but the mate bond proves to be strong. What will he do when he regrets rejecting and hating her?
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